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Our baby sessions create a relaxed, supportive and sociable environment for parents and carers, who go home with a meaningful item that was fun to make and will look lovely on the wall at home, or as a treasured keepsake.

We know from experience that the earliest days of caring for a baby can be exhausting, overwhelming, and sometimes lonely. Even a short trip out of the house can feel like a milestone worth celebrating. For this reason, our sessions focus on achievable goals, which give parents/carers time to chat and make new connections, and ensure that babies don’t get overtired.

The workshops

During our Baby ID workshop, parents and carers emboss their little one’s footprints into a bespoke card booklet with a polaroid photo of the baby on the front. Parents and carers are warmly encouraged to attend more than one session as a lovely way to track your child’s growth (were they really ever that small?!)

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Our workshops for children aged 18 months – 5 years take place as across 6 weeks, each session lasting an hour. These workshops are designed to enable children to have fun and be creative, and to take home completed projects to feel proud of and spark conversation. These workshops are particularly brilliant if you would like to bring children of different ages, as the activities are flexible, fun and easily adaptable to your child’s interests.

The workshops: An example of the 6 week workshops series

Weeks 1-2: ‘Look what I made’. Across two weeks children will create a drawing (or bring in an existing favourite) and prepare their own display mount to match. They will go home with their own treasured creation in a gilded Elsker frame.

Weeks 3-4: Handmade card bunting. Children and parents/carers will use stencils, stamps and paint to create their very own unique bunting garland for a bedroom wall or door.

Weeks 5-6: Make your own greeting cards. Suited to the time of year, children will paint, marble paper, and decorate their cards using stamps and stencils, and go home with a unique, handmade set of cards for very special recipients.

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Our gilding workshop allows children to paint and apply gold leaf to their very own pot, as well as plant a succulent. They can get creative with their design, and become absorbed in the process of applying some beautiful gold to their pot.

Children complete their project in a single 2 hour session. This workshop is also available for small parties and is a fantastic and memorable activity for children who enjoy arts and crafts, and who would like to try something new with a group of friends.

The potted plant also makes a very special gift that your child will feel proud to give – no wrapping required!


As a new parent, like many of us I tried out the classes and events available to me, both free and for a fee. But I didn’t always find what I was looking for. Every Lil Elsker workshop has grown out of the quest which I know I share with many people who look after young children: to offer a space for parents and carers to have meaningful experiences with their children, to feel more socially connected, and to have the chance to make things together. As a maker I believe that the arts matter for every child, and as a parent I know it’s never too early to start.