The Making of 'E'

Here at Elsker Creations, we love personalising products. One of our most successful products is our personalised tiles. Our customers are able to pick and choose the tile type, lettering and we make each one bespoke for them. This product highlights our constant collaboration and inspiration of our customers. We have loved seeing these be used in baby rooms, weddings and much more. 

Gilding is a complicated process that takes time and patience. There are many stages and this post is aimed at giving a brief insight into these processes. If you are interested in having a workshop, either one on one or group workshops. Please reach out to us at

There are a few different techniques for gilding, depending on what you are gilding onto. The main two are glass or wood gilding. We don't let materials stop us for experimenting, here is our process in brief on how we achieve our gilded tiles. 

1/ Template and gilding size. 

The gilding size is the most important part of the process. Where this goes, the gold will stick to so it is important that you have a good template and steady hand. You can make your own size, which can be used for glass gilding but here we use oil size. 

2/ For delicate work you want to apply gold with a gilding tip. this allows you to pick up the gold leaf without using your fingers and can often lead to a much more mirrored affect. Try not to waste too much gold and cut your sheets down to size. We use a knife for this and baby powder, if the leaf has a tendency to stick.

3/ Burnishing: To burnish your work you can use a soft brush, this must not get wet! this will take off most of the excess gold. Here we also use hot water (and a secret ingredient) to help burnish the gold and remove excess. Burnishing gold leaf essentially helps the gold have a mirrored affect. 

4/ Sealing the gold leaf. You want to protect your hard work and therefore applying a seal is key. Again a steady hand is required for this. 

Gilding is a fun process but takes a controlled environment to make sure you get the best finish. Again, let us know if you'd like to learn more and we'd be happy to run a workshop for you and your friends.

sian thomas