The Story Behind Our Letterpress

Sian has a passion for traditional crafts and having worked in a print studio over the past 10 years, this extends to printing. 7 years ago, my parents moved into a house and found a letterpress. This was put in the attic with a feeling that it shouldn't just be dismissed and thrown in the bin. I had always wanted to learn letterpress printing but had forgotten about the little press in my parents attic until they reminded me of it. When it came to exploring this rather dusty piece of equipment, I sought out some professional help, to see if it could be brought back to life. What I came to discover was that it was an 1932 Adana letterpress and while the models have changed, the principle, like with all printing equipment has remained largely the same. With the help of Roy Caslon, and some TLC the letterpress feels brand new and is now used to print the majority of our cards and other printed material. It feels very special to be working on a press that has a story and a history. When going through the type, furniture and blocks left by the previous owner, I discovered that it was Norma Owen who worked on this press before me. Norma passed away and it feels very nice to know that this press has gone on to serve the next generation of printers. So thank you, Norma.

sian thomas